Wooden Ships & Iron Men - PC

Wooden Ships & Iron Men
Game Description:WSIM is a war game based on the naval conflicts of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic eras. It's turn-based, with each turn representing three minutes of time. Scenarios are taken directly from the board game (although not all are re-created in this version) and range from simple single-ship actions to multiship battles like Trafalgar and the Battle of Lake Erie. There's also a campaign game that lets you assume the role of a ship captain. An intuitive interface makes it relatively easy to play. Movement orders are entered with simple mouse clicks and it's easy to go back and change a move at any time. Captains must also allocate their crew to guns, sails, and boarding parties while managing supplies and ammo. Don't want to be bothered managing the gunnery options? Ask the computer ensign to do it for you.
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