Tone Rebellion - PC

Tone Rebellion
Game Description:Real-time strategy game set in a sci-fi universe. The game revolves around populations of creatures called Floaters. Rather than controlling them directly you prioritize building jobs and the Floaters will move to perform these tasks. The aim of the game is to get control of a crucial resource called 'tone'. You do this by constructing building that allow you to train Floaters that will defend the pools of tone that are scattered around each gameworld and avoid domination by the evil force called Leviathan. You can assign trained Floaters to battles. Combat revolves around magical power. The game is played on worlds that are five or so screens wide and up to fifteen worlds can be in play at any one time. It is possible to transfer your buildings from one world to another. Alongside the single-player game, there is also a multi-player option for competitive or cooperative games via LAN. The graphics and control system employed in the game are effective.
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