Archaean: Massive Online World - PC

Archaean: Massive Online World
Game Description:Archaean is a totally new game concept trying to create a new type of online environment called MOW - Massive Online World. It will be somewhat like MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game), but with distinct differences. The main difference will be freedom. The freedom of choice, to do what ever the player wishes, within set natural laws. It will not require combat at all, the player could just as well live a life as an alchemist or farmer. But, on the other hand, the world will be filled to the brim with creatures to pick a fight with. Players will be able to play evil races as well, so the limits are endless when it comes to dungeon-hacking since the Orc around the corner actually could be another player. It will be set in a beautiful fantasy-setting with rich history and breath-taking environments. All features of a real world will be there, including the standard ones such as every type of weather imaginable and fixed seasons. The world will be change-able and destructible, as well as buildable. Cut down trees, dig a hole and build your own house or dungeon. The freedom is the main reason why we make Archaean, to start off a new era of online environments.
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