Malice for Quake - PC

Malice for Quake
Game Description:In the future, two factions face each other: Takahiro industries through robots and clones, and Colonel Bossman's B.O.S.S. underground crime syndicate via mercenaries such as you, Damage. They pay good money - but Bossman has been taking time lately. Now he offered you the double if you complete a few more jobs: it doesn't take a genius to figure out that something here stinks! Nevertheless, you accept and are immediately thrown into a totally different game; not only you get totally new enemies, weapons, and features such as rain and the ability to set enemies (and yourself!) on fire, but the 18 missions are united by full speech cut scenes. And that's just the tip: parachutes, submarines, probes, scuba gear and other Toyz will make the battle ahead more interesting.
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