Emergency Room 2 - PC

Emergency Room 2
Game Description:On the whole, Emergency Room 2 is a competent medical sim, although it's not radically different to the two previous ER games. It does seem more like you'd expect a real hospital to be like than the quickie diagnoses presented on some medical shows. However, for this reason, Disaster Strikes probably won't appeal to you if you're expecting the game to be exactly like TV's ER - no, this isn't the official ER game, I should point out. ER does require a certain amount of patience (pun intended) to get into, and won't be much fun for shoot-em-up fans and gamers who are used to blowing people away rather than saving them. But if you persevere, and can put up with your mistakes being pointed out to you in great detail, or have an interest in matters medical then you'll find ER: Disaster Strikes to be an enjoyable and involving game.
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