Ultima V: Lazarus - PC

Ultima V: Lazarus
Game Description:Ultima V: Lazarus is a project by a collection of Ultima enthusiasts -- a remake of the classic Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny that will greatly improve the graphics and sound in the PC version of Ultima V (utilising the Dungeon Siege 3D RPG engine.) Rather than releasing an "upgrade patch" as happened with Ultima IV, the game is a true from-the-ground-up remake of the gaming classic, Ultima V, with brand new graphics, CD-quality orchestral music (including re-mastered versions of the original U5 music plus some new pieces--you can hear an early version of our re-mastered "Stones" on the TAPESTRY page), improved and expanded dialogue, and a much more "alive" design for the Underworld. This project has been developed with no official association with Origin, Electronic Arts, or Gas Powered Games.
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