Leisure Suit Larry 4: The Missing Floppies? - PC

Leisure Suit Larry 4: The Missing Floppies?
Game Description:The legendary lost chapter in the Leisure Suit Larry seres. According to Larry's creator, Al Lowe, there are two stories as to why Leisure Suit Larry 4 never made it out (and millions of rumors, including the widely-believed hoax that the game was so raunchy and explicit that it was too hardcore for the public.) The first story is that the game's development team actually attempted a LSL4, but this time as the world's first multiplayer online adventure game -- that version of Larry simply crumbled under the weight of technological challenges and design hurdles, although initial tech demos for interactivity developed on the way to creating LSL4 did eventually form the online minigame service, The Sierra Network. The other story is that creator Al Lowe was so tired and burned out on Larry -- a series he saw as a proper trilogy after part 3, which ended as if the series were indeed completely wrapped up -- that part 4 was an issue for all involved. (Lowe apparently even told his corporate heads angrily when asked about the sequel, "There's not going to be a Larry 4!") However, Sierra persisted in requesting a follow-up, and ideas were already percolating for Lowe. It was decided that skipping the title Leisure Suit Larry 4 would get around the problem of following up part 3's conclusion, would give freedom to the design team, would play into the mystery of Passionate Patti's undercover operation, and would simply be a good joke (ala the movie Leonoard, Part 6) that would add to the curious legacy that always followed the Larry series (remember that LSL was an early "mature content" game and thus was talked about by many who could never play it ... the rumors that surround the Larry series will never die.) There is one other story, of course, for why Leisure Suit Larry 4 was never released ... that Al Lowe's dog ate the floppies.
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