Mega Man Cheats - PC

Mega Man
Game Description: Mega Man (the first one) on the PC, M-Beam and all.
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Mega Man Cheats

  • How to beat Cutman

    Use Super Arm (Gutsman's weapon) to lift the blocks up.

  • How to beat Bombman

    Use Fire Shot

  • How to beat Bombman

    Use the Arm Cannon (Mega Man's weapon).

  • How to beat Cut Man

    Use the Guts power to throw the stones underneath the door at him. Score both hits, and he will be defeated. REMEMBER: You can only do this once, so make it count.

  • How to beat Elecman

    Use Cut Blade (Rolling Cutter) (Cutman's weapon).

  • How to beat Elecman

    Use Cut scissors

  • How to beat Guts man

    Regular shot, jump over his stones.

  • How to beat Gutsman

    Use Hyper Bombs (Bombman's weapon).

  • How to beat Fire Man

    Use Ice Slasher (Ice Man's weapon). This can also freeze the fire that appears in some sections of this stage, which will allow you to reach places that Mega Man cannot.

  • How to beat Fire Man

    Use the Ice shot not only on Fireman, but to freeze obstacles that you tend to run into throughout the stage.

  • How to beat Ice Man

    Use Elec Beam (Elec Man's weapon). Pause and resume the g

  • How to beat Ice man

    Use Elec shot