Global Domination - PC

Global Domination
Game Description:Real-time action/strategy game available for PC and PlayStation. The game is set on a near future earth where two major groups are involved in international disputes. You work for one of them (ULTRA) and the gameplay consists of defending your bases and defeating the forces of the other group (WOE) through 20 missions. There is also a scenario editor. You have a range of vehicles and armoury at your disposal, including a range of missiles, submarines and bombers. The game has a strong plot, largely developed though cutscenes. The control system takes some time to master and a tutorial system is incorporated to help you . Alongside the single-player game there is a multi-player mode for up to 16 people (via LAN), or two can play via serial connection. The game is played on a global map and numerous video clips are incorporated into the game.
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