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Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising
Game Description:First-person shooter from the makers of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down. One of the most populated countries in the world is disintegrating. Regional independence movements have acquired advanced weaponry as the nation's military splits into competing factions. Escalating violence threatens innocent civilians and Western economic interests. The missions are dangerous, the threat is real. Play as either a member of a Joint Force and neutralize the threat or fight for independence as a well armed separatist. In addition to a deep single-player mode, Joint Operations also features co-op and versus multiplayer modes for up to 64 players at the same time.
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Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising Cheats

  • Armor Piercing Tips 2

    If you are a Rebel, don\'t use an RPG to bust a Stryker. I recommend that you use an improvised weapon or an emplaced weapon (machine gun).

  • Armor Piercing Tips

    Use an AT-4 or a .50 cal to bust a BTR-80. APC's are impervious to small arms fire (except .50 cal)