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Transport Tycoon Deluxe
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Transport Tycoon Deluxe Cheats

  • Eliminate CPU airplanes

    Construct a tree covered tall hill at the end of the CPU's runway.

  • Fast population

    When creating a city, put down a large city, start expanding it, take out all the small houses, and keep expanding. When it takes a lot of clicks before it increases population (usually around 30,000), put a small city as close as possible, even if it touches. Then, delete the small city and the large city's population will stay the same even...

  • Good rating

    Rename a town to Happy Town.

  • Eliminate CPU buses

    Construct a snaking railroad line over the bus route. The train will destroy the CPU buses, but will also eliminate your own trucks and buses.

  • Get easy money

    Begin your new game on desert. Select MegaRail 1960 then set your company up. Put your loan money up to the maximum then go to the company list. Buy 75% of the company. When the money of the company is in the negatives, the company will be sold off and declared bankrupt. Keep the company called "Parker and Co." on the screen. When the company is...