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The Great Escape
Game Description:Based on the classic Steve McQueen motion picture of the same name, The Great Escape allows players to assume the roles of four different characters in this stealth-based action/adventure from Pivitol. The Great Escape unfolds over twenty missions ranging from the stealth elements in Stalag Luft, to running from the Nazis through a Teutonic castle, Luftwaffe airfield, a hospital, and a train. In addition to adventure elements, once you escape from Stalag Luft, you'll actually have a chance to fight your way to freedom. At your disposal will be over ten authentic WWII weapons you'll fire into prison guards, Nazi soldiers, and the Gestapo. In your race to freedom, you'll also be able to commandeer jeeps, APCs, trucks, and motorcycles as you flee from the German army.
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The Great Escape Cheats

  • The Greatest Escape mode

    After finishing the game you will unlock the THE GREATEST ESCAPE option. This allows any level to be played with a time limit.

  • How to beat the tank

    When driving the tank, you encounter another tank. You cannot fight; park somewhere safe and run into the house with the stairs. Go to one of the levers and pull it.

  • Notebook

    Upon getting caught up on an objective push Select. This brings up your notebook, and tells you exactly where to go and what to do. It is not cheating but a feature built into the game.

  • Saving the game

    While playing the missions, you will only be able to save a certain number of times. The amount of saves you get depends on the mission. Make sure to only save after you clear a major obstacle or objective.