Silent Hill 3 Cheats - PC

Silent Hill 3
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Genre:Adventure
  • Developer: Konami TYO
  • Release Date:Nov 25, 2003
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Blood and Gore, Violence)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Konami's Silent Hill series has succeeded in delivering some of the most horrifying and psychologically disturbing experiences in videogame history. Silent Hill 3 continues that tradition by providing clamoring fans of the series with the same masterful blend of mysterious storyline, nail-biting sound design, challenging puzzles and shocking monsters. New chilling locations in the town of Silent Hill such as the Mall, Amusement Park, and Subway are revealed in the new game, as well as featuring a new arsenal of weapons like the flame-thrower and sub-machine-gun. Heather, a seemingly normal teenage girl must explore the hellish place of Silent Hill in order to understand her forgotten past and escape with her life, if not her sanity.
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Silent Hill 3 Cheats

  • Brookhaven Hospital: Bloody mode 33rd floor lock password 2

    Arrange the cards as follows in the normal action and normal riddle difficulty: Northwest position: Eye Of The NightNortheast position: MoonWest position: High Priestess East position: FoolSouth position: Hanged Man Arrange the cards as follows in the hard difficulty. Northwest position: The High PriestessNorth position: The Eye Of The Night...

  • Life display option

    After finishing the game under hard difficulty you will unlock "Life Display" at the extra options screen.

  • Silencer

    After the sewer, go to the apartment 5F. You will see a room with a big hole. There is mattress near the hole. To the right of it is a wall that that has a light blue color section. Use a pipe to break the wall and get the silencer.

  • Special weapon locations 1

    Once you unlocked the following Special weapons they can be found at their respective places:

  • Special weapon locations 4

    Infinite Ammo Sub Machine Gun: Immediately after exiting out of the bathroom window (after the start of the game) go left; it is at the dead end.

  • Special weapon locations 5

    Heather Beam: After obtaining it, you always have it. You can use it when no weapon is equipped.

  • UFO ending

    Finish game and unlock the Princess Heart costume and the Heather Beam weapon. The Heather Beam is a special weapon which you can only use if Heather or Cheryl is not holding any weapon. Defeat all monsters and Bosses using only the Heather Beam. REMEMBER: The "Monster defeated" counter should read 0 kills.

  • Brookhaven Hospital: Suitcase on bed password

    Look at the clock near the bed. The time is the password. For example, if the clock shows the 5h: 6m, you would enter 0 5 0 6. The solution is 0 7 1 9, under normal action and normal riddle difficulty. REMEMBER: The clock should be read in military time. For example, if the alarm clock reads as 2:14 then it should be entered as 14:14 on the...

  • Brookhaven Hospital: Third lobby door password

    For this, go to floor B, then to the storeroom. Go to the end of the room and take a photo of the bloody wall with a shelf near it. The solution is 4 7 5 6, under normal action and normal riddle difficulty. The solution under hard difficulty is 1 3 2 8.

  • Claudia

    When the intermission sequence between Claudia and Vincent is finished and Vincent dies, use the necklace on Claudia.

  • Extra interactive scenes 2

    After completing Silent Hill 2, use that same memory card while playing Silent Hill 3 to get flashbacks. The flashback locations are: When you examine the second stall in the 1F ladies room in the mall. When you examine the mail boxes across from Daisy Villa Apartments. When you examine the poster at Haven's Night. When you examine the small...

  • Special weapon locations 3

    Flamethrower-In Helen's Bakery (where you get the tongs); on the counter.

  • Brookhaven Hospital: Crematory puzzle

    The solution under hard riddle difficulty is 9 2 7 1. The solution under normal difficulty is: 9 3 6 7.

  • Heather Beam

    Kill 333 enemies. You will need to play through the game several times will achieve this.

  • Life Bar

    Finish the game under hard action and hard riddle difficulty to unlock the "Life Bar" option at the extra options screen.

  • Special weapon locations 2

    Beam Saber: At the end of the hallway where you get the bookstore key; hanging on the door.

  • Beginner fighting difficulty

    Intentionally die twice while playing the game under normal fighting difficulty. The fighting difficulty can now be set to "Beginner" in the extra options menu.

  • Brookhaven Hospital: 33rd floor lock password

    The solution to the puzzle is about some birds. The order is Wren, Owl, Linnet, and Sparrow. The solution is 9 2 7 1 under hard riddle difficulty.

  • Brookhaven Hospital: Bloody mode 33rd floor lock password 1

    After hospital changes to bloody mode, you can go to the 33rd floor. At the top of the room is a stony picture on the wall. This picture shows you the order of the digits. For example: I is number of this bed is digit 1II is number of this bed is digit 2III is number of this bed is digit 3IV is number of This bed is digit 4 Where the digits are...

  • Brookhaven Hospital: Second lobby door password

    The password is an easy math problem. The first digit is greater than the second digit. The second digit is the third digit multiplied by two. The third digit is half of the first digit. The solution is 8 6 3 4, under normal action and normal riddle difficulty. The solution under easy difficulty is 4 6 3 9. The solution under hard difficulty is...

  • Extra interactive scenes 1

    To get extra scenes while playing the game, use a memory card with at least one finished saved game file from Silent Hill 2. New interactions with some objects and new scenes will now be available. These scenes are similar or with some type of reference to the previous game. For example, Heather trying to look for something stuck into the toilet...

  • Possessed ending

    Kill all monsters with any weapon except melee ones, preferably the unlimited sub machine gun (a special weapon).

  • Book store: Puzzle

    When putting the books out of order, the solution is 4 5 2 3 1, under normal action and normal riddle difficulty. The solution under hard difficulty is 8 3 5 2.

  • Brookhaven Hospital: Bloody mode 33rd floor lock password 3

    The riddle is a problem with Roman numerals. The Priestess is number II (2) as read on the book about tarots. The Eye Of The Night is XXII (22). The Fool is 0. The Moon is XVIII (18). The Hanged Man is XII (12). Look in the book of drawings to see that XVIII can stay only in the east position (the last letter is I instead of L); XII is only in...

  • Extreme Action Mode games

    After finishing the game in hard action mode you will unlock Extreme Action Mode 1 (an increased difficulty mode). Finish Extreme Action Mode 1 to unlock Mode 2, etc. Continue doing this until you unlock the last one, Extreme Action Mode X. If you finish this last mode you will be rewarded with the God of Thunder T-shirt.