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Frogger: The Great Quest
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Frogger: The Great Quest Cheats

  • How to beat creatures on the ground

    An easy way to beat any creature on the ground is to get on top of a box, barrel, or stairs then shoot them until they are gone.

  • Avoid fish

    When a fish is chasing you in a pond, stream, etc., try not to look back. Keep looking forward and you will lose him after awhile.

  • Slick Willy's River Boat level: Easy completion

    In Slick Willy's River Boat (level 3), you have to ring a bell. Go to the front of the boat where about two or three steps are located. Go up to the steps, and then go back slightly. Frogger will look up. Shoot the bell three times. All doors will become

  • Slick Willy's River Boat level: Cats in water

    Fool the cats by falling in the water by going on the ladder. Fall off when the cats are chasing you. They will fall in the water and not die.