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Game Description:Explore a 3D online world lived in and built by its participants - a new medium for creative self-expression, social interaction, and fun, where you can be or do almost anything. You can fly. You can discover. You can create a masterpiece-or an empire. If you can imagine it, you can do it here. You choose your own goals. What do you want to do? Amass a vast fortune? Explore an ever-changing landscape? Meet new and exciting people? Create art? Throw wild parties? Become a world-famous clothing designer or architect? Whatever your goals, whatever you choose to do, your Second Life starts now.
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Second Life News

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  • Tech News Countdown - Week of January 23, 2009

    Welcome to the Tech News Countdown, hosted by Alison Haislip. Every Friday, Alison brings you the top 5 tech stories of the week so be sure to watch the show. Otherwise, she'll be sad and you don't want that, do you? This week Alison brings you the latest in the world of technology. Here is the Tech News Countdown. Watch Larger Version of...

    Posted January 23, 2009| 5 Comments

    Tech News Countdown - Week of January 23, 2009
  • The MMO Report: Thursday, January 22nd

    Wow. The island is like a big record, and it's skipping. That's AWESOME! Anyway, this week The MMO Report is back, of course, and Casey is dropping the best kind of nerd knowledge on your ass, so you better recognize. This week we tell you about how EVE Online is finally getting rid of their Classic Client, how the IRS wants to tax monetary...

    Posted January 22, 2009| 11 Comments

    The MMO Report: Thursday, January 22nd
  • The MMO Report: Thursday, January 15th

    Oh man, what a week! Friday Battlestar Galactica comes back, Monday is MLK day so I don't have to come into work, Tuesday President Obama gets sworn in, and I might be getting a dog! But you don't really care, do you? You came here for Mister Casey Schreiner and his awesomely hilarious way of telling you about the recent happenings in the world...

    Posted January 15, 2009| 5 Comments

    The MMO Report: Thursday, January 15th
  • The MMO Report: Thursday, December 11th

    In this week's MMO Report, Casey is bringing you a very interesting list of news items that range from honesty, to hype, to personal disgust. And that's before we even get to WTF Second Life. But let's get down to brass tax, we're going to tell you about how Marc Jacobs said that Mythic won't be working on an expansion for Warhammer Online until...

    Posted December 11, 2008| 9 Comments

    The MMO Report: Thursday, December 11th
  • Reuters Gets Out Of 'Second Life'

    Several years ago, Reuters news service got in on the news bureau action by opening their own in the virtual world of Second Life. Starting with the removal of its reporter “Adam Reuters”, Reuters is now taking itself out of the game. It’s not that Second Life is going anywhere, “but the buzz is gone,” says Eric...

    Posted November 28, 2008| 4 Comments

    Reuters Gets Out Of 'Second Life'
  • Online Affair Ends In Divorce

    Here's one to file under Stranger Than Fiction: A British couple who met in an Internet chat room in 2003 have now filed for divorce after the husband had an alleged online affair. Amy Taylor, 28 and David Pollard, 40 met in an Internet chatroom in 2003 and have been married since 2005. Ms. Taylor caught her husband's Second Life avatar...

    Posted November 14, 2008| 11 Comments

    Online Affair Ends In Divorce
  • Fight The Power: 'Second Life' Players Virtually Protesting Over New Fees

    Linden Labs recently announced pricing and policy changes regarding the Openspace feature in its Second Life virtual world. Starting January 1, 2009, the upfront fee is being raised from $250 to $375, while the monthly maintenance fee is being raised from $75 to $125. As expected, numerous Second Life denizens are pissed off (a medical term)...

    Posted October 31, 2008| 7 Comments

    Fight The Power: 'Second Life' Players Virtually Protesting Over New Fees
  • The MMO Report: Thursday, October 2nd

    It's that time again, and we know you've come back for more. A bailout package has been voted on, the presidential race is getting ridiculous, and we had a strange 2 day heatwave here in Los Angeles. Next I'm expecting the surface of the planet to crack and the reanimated corpse of Estelle Getty to start running rampant in downtown Portland....

    Posted October 2, 2008| 6 Comments

    The MMO Report: Thursday, October 2nd
  • The MMO Report: Thursday, September 25th

    September is quickly coming to a close, and in this, the season of giving, gifting, and massive retail releases, it's important to remember what's really important; Casey Schreiner. This week Casey details what happened with Ensemble Studios' canceled Halo MMO, why DC Universe Online might be just as interesting to read as it is to play, how you...

    Posted September 25, 2008| 5 Comments

    The MMO Report: Thursday, September 25th
  • The MMO Report: Thursday, August 28th

    During this week long Democratic love-fest in Colorado, you need a sharp punch in the mouth to remind you that the world isn't quite that sunny. That just so happens to be what Casey Schreiner does best. He'll slap that smile right off that smug face of yours, and you will love him for it. Don't resist, just embrace. It's much easier that...

    Posted August 28, 2008| 9 Comments

    The MMO Report: Thursday, August 28th
  • 'Second Life' Attempted Kidnapping

    Oh boy. As if having an internet boyfriend wasn't embarrassing enough, a North Carolina woman is facing attempted kidnapping charges for driving to Delaware and trying to take her former Second Life companion at gunpoint. Kimberly Jernigan met her internet significant other in person a few months ago, after which the "victim" in this...

    Posted August 22, 2008| 27 Comments

    'Second Life' Attempted Kidnapping
  • Pres. Candidates Ignoring 'Second Life'

    Some of us remember the incidents of vandalism aimed at former presidential candidate John Edwards' Second Life Campaign Headquarters. However, as the election comes down to a two-man race, both major candidates have been ignoring the persistent online world, despite it's 14 million inhabitants and their ability to donate funds to both...

    Posted August 18, 2008| 10 Comments

    Pres. Candidates Ignoring 'Second Life'
  • Google's 'AdSense' To Video Games

    The internet empire, Google, is planning to implement its "AdSense" advertising program in video games and the company has been apparently testing it for months, according to Venture Beat. But, things might get scary if it happens. According to the source, the tech demo showed an game character introducing an ad by saying, "And...

    Posted July 30, 2008| 13 Comments

    Google's 'AdSense' To Video Games
  • Exploratorium Streams Sun To 'Second Life'

    Famous science museum The Exploratorium has promised to stream a total eclipse of the sun from China to Second Life. Second Life residents can view the 45 minute-long Webcast, starting at 3:30am PDT (10:30am UT), August 1, and continuing through totality at 4:09am PDT. Described as one of the most breathtaking events in the universe, In Second...

    Posted July 8, 2008

    Exploratorium Streams Sun To 'Second Life'
  • The MMO Report: Thursday, May 8th

    This week's edition of the MMO Report is very special. We'd like to tell you why, but it's much better to be surprised, don't you think? I'll give you a hint, it has something to do with Casey's favorite activity. No, not that one, the other one. The stories in this episode range from news about the forthcoming Champions Online, to Codemasters...

    Posted May 8, 2008| 9 Comments

    The MMO Report: Thursday, May 8th
  • The MMO Report: Thursday, September 24th

    Posted: September 24, 2009

    9,592 Views | 07:38

  • The MMO Report: Thursday, June 25th

    Posted: June 25, 2009

    14,215 Views | 06:41

  • The MMO Report: Friday, May 1st

    Posted: May 1, 2009

    12,250 Views | 09:07 | 3 Comments

  • The MMO Report: Thursday, April 23rd

    Posted: April 23, 2009

    17,775 Views | 08:48 | 3 Comments

  • The MMO Report: Thursday, February 12th

    Posted: February 12, 2009

    14,041 Views | 07:59 | 1 Comment

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