Paradise Cracked - PC

Paradise Cracked
Game Description:Turn-based strategy game. The world of a technical civilization of the future. The population of a planet under the control of a Central computer. People are happy. They have received everything they dreamed of. Now their life is a queue of virtual pleasures, which completely replace real life. People will spend all of their free time in the virtual world, communicating with each other, fishing and having sex... At last everything looks as if mankind has reached the utopia it always aspired. The main hero - a young hacker. Once, while traveling in cyberspace, he makes way into a secret zone and intercepts a series of strange data packets. The hacker manages to copy the received information in time, but the security system is set off. After a few minutes the sound of police sirens can be heard, followed by a bang at the door and the adamant demand to open it...
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