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The Hobbit
Game Description:Play as Bilbo Baggins in a third-person adventure based loosely on the J.R.R. Tolkien novel, The Hobbit. Featuring an intriguing storyline it takes players to places from the classic book as well as to completely original locales. Live out scenarios from the book, including the meeting of Gandalf and the dwarves, the shadowy encounter with the hungry and insane Gollum and the battle with the dragon Smaug, among others. Use the power of the infamous ring to become invisible and sneak past enemies. Fight enemies with various weapons such as a walking stick, throwing stones, and the magical sword Sting.
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The Hobbit Cheats

  • Lake Town: Wine bottle riddle

    Upon getting all five of the wine bottle in Lake-Town, Malloc will tell you a riddle about how the bottles are arranged. The order is as follows: 1. Yellow Wine Bottle 2. Blue Wine Bottle 3. Red Wine Bottle 4. Black Wine Bottle 5. Purple Wine Bottle

  • Easy courage points

    On the last level when you meet Liana, she will start fighting the Goblins. There will be an unlimited amount of them. If you need to level up, stay there for awhile and collect all of the courage points.

  • Medicine Chest

    You Medicine Chest can be upgraded by getting 5 more spaces for Health and Anti-Venom each time, and one more space for The Waters of Vigour.

  • Saving Beorn

    In order to save Beorn on the last level, you must push four different blue barrels located around the area. Follow the courage crystals and do not stop to fight. Use the ring when you encounter enemies, because you are timed.

  • Chain-Attack scrolls

    These scrolls make fighting significantly easier. Especially the last scroll, which allows you to chain three attacks. 

  • Rock Bag

    Your Rock Bag can be upgraded twice, every time by getting an extra ten rocks, until you can hold thirty Rocks.