Heroes of Might and Magic - PC

Heroes of Might and Magic
Game Description:Heroes of Might and Magic is a turn-based strategy game set in the fantasy universe of the Might and Magic role playing game series. You begin the game with a castle, and a single hero to lead your very small beginning army. The first item on the agenda is to hire more heroes, grow your armies, and begin exploring the land around you to gather the necessary resources and power to successfully defeat your enemies. Each turn you move your hero to explore new areas, build buildings in your castle which allow you to call new creatures to your cause or expand your library of spells. Heroes of Might and Magic isn't spectacular, but it sure is fun. The Multiplayer mode includes options for up to 4 players taking turns on one machine, or two player head-to-head competitions by network or modem connection. If you like turn-based strategy games, or you're an RPG fan looking for something a little different, you'll find that title is a worthy addition to your game library.
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