Fallout 2 Cheats - PC

Fallout 2
  • Publisher: Interplay
  • Genre:RPG
  • Developer: Black Isle Studios
  • Release Date:Oct 30, 1998
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Animated Blood and Gore, Strong Language)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Fallout 2 is set in a post-apocalyptic world. You play the Chosen One, the direct descendant of the Vault Dweller from the original Fallout. The village elders have selected you to wear the sacred Vault-suit and, in time, to ascend to the leadership of your people. First you must prove your devotion to your people and journey out into the wastelands. Your tribe needs help... Fallout lets you travel the world, participating in numerous quests and developing your character's stats and inventory as you go. The scope of the game is amazing, containing many more areas and quests than the original. Fallout 2 also uses skill development instead of a traditional class system, and you are free to play through the game in a number of ways.
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Fallout 2 Cheats

  • Original Fallout screensaver

    Access the PipBoy and stay at that screen to eventually see the old Fallout screensaver on the PipBoy screen.

  • Get an alternate desktop icon

    Make a shortcut to the game on the Windows 95/98 desktop. Now you can use the Settings/Control Panel/Display/Effects options to turn on LARGE ICONS. The desktop icon for the game will turn into a new graphic.

  • Getting unlimited money 2

    In San Francisco, the shopkeepers have money in their inventory that you cannot normally steal. To steal it, trade your money for an equal amount of theirs. Then, use the Steal skill on them. You now have more money.

  • Robe

    When you are traveling across the world map you sometimes come across a small green circle that has only a bridge and a person blocking your path. If you kill him instead of answering his questions, you can get 7500 experience points and his robes which i

  • Getting unlimited money 1

    In San Francisco, go to the Red 88 gun store and steal all of the owner’s money (usually a couple thousand). Go to the item store across the street and steal all of his money. Then leave the city for a couple days (or a week in pipboy time). Then, return

  • Skinning geckos

    To learn how to skin geckos, save Smilely the trapper in the toxic caves. Then, go to Klamoth and talk to Smilely at Buckners.

  • Get in the Vault in Vault City

    The guards will not let you into the Vault unless you are a citizen. If you do not want to take the time to get the citizenship papers, go into combat mode then just walk in. This will not cause your karma to lower.

  • Getting extra items 1

    By going to either shop in San Francisco and purchasing whatever you want, but pay for it in cash. Then, walk up behind the shop owner. You can steal your money back, plus his also.

  • Getting extra items 2

    When you get to the Den, kill Tubby and Flick and take all their items. You should get a lot of Jet, Mentats, and other drugs as well as a lot of guns.

  • Getting extra items 3

    When you get to the Den or anywhere else that has a graveyard, get a shovel and dig up the graves for rocks, beer, and ammunition. The only downside is that your karma will say "Grave Digger" and it may go down.

  • Getting more items in Den

    Begin your new game with a female character named Buffy. Get past the Temple Of Trials and go to Den. Talk to Rebecca. She will say that she recognizes you and give some items.

  • Take the Reno Shark Club

    Beating the game first is highly recommended due to the high stats required. Save your game before doing any of this. Walk into the casino and go up to the third floor. Talk to either Mr. Bishop or one of the guards. Make them mad to the point of fighting

  • Hint book

    Upon finishing the game, go to New Reno. Find the man in the church and talk to him. He will say thanks for killing the Enclave and will give you a book called the FALLOUT 2 HINT BOOK. Every time you read it, you will get 10000 experience points. After th

  • Programmers' comments

    Press and hold SHIFT and click on the CREDITS button to hear various comments from the development team.

  • Stimpacks and antidote

    Give Mayron as many ingredients for the stimpacks and antidote as needed, and he will create them.