Chain Reaction - PC

Chain Reaction
Game Description:Start a reaction with this captivating puzzle game where you create elaborate contraptions to blast MC Monster onto his landing pad. Choose from a toybox full of sixty-nine 3D parts such as a conveyor belt, basketball, bucket, trampoline, or electric motor. Connect them with structural parts like pipes, ropes, boxes, and platforms to create mind-boggling contraptions. Move these parts around on the screen to build an interactive machine you think will move MC onto his pad. Now press the START button and watch the fun begin! Imagine the ball rolling down the ramp, dropping onto the trampoline, bouncing up to hit the jack-in-the-box, causing it to spring open and hit the electrical switch, powering on the bulb, thus illuminating the magnifying glass and focusing the light to ignite the fuse on MC's rocket. ZOOM!! He flies through the air, hitting a ramp, and finally, coming in for a landing on his pad. Ah Ha! You've succeeded... your brain feels good.
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