Falcone: Into The Maelstrom - PC

Falcone: Into The Maelstrom
Game Description:Falcone seamlessly blends first-person shooting action with 3D fighter combat, using the Unreal Warfare engine to present both types of gameplay with no break in between. The Falcone of the title is, of course, a space pirate, setting off on his own against his old allies and the robotic armies of the Legion. Having issued forth from a black hole, the Legion has immediately set itself to the task of overthrowing the galaxy, which necessarily puts a crimp in Falcone's living -- even more so than the Black Dog pirates on his heels. Through 12 single-player missions, he'll seek out the Legion's leader and try to find a way to put them out of business. Also features five multi-player maps for deathmatch battles.
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