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Pro-Pinball: Timeshock!
Game Description:TIMESHOCK! PRO PINBALL might not be the real thing, but it's about as close to the arcade-machine experience as you're going to get. The savvy developers at Empire Interactive are true-to-life pinball enthusiasts, and it's apparent in the painstaking care they've taken in getting every little detail just right. The sights and sounds of a quality pinball machine are all here to be enjoyed. From fully animated flippers, jets, diverters, and switches that bounce and react just like their real-life counterparts, to balls that clatter as they roll up and down the wooden table, and scores that ring out loudly. Three modes of play are available: Novice, Tournament and Special Challenge mode. Unexpected "extras" are also included, like fast-action multi-ball play, magnetic ball saving, light, sound and bumper tests, and even table nudging via the PlayStation controller! Everything the true pinball connoisseur could hope for is here to be savored.
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