East Front - PC

East Front
Game Description:East Front is a tactical turn based wargame simulating combat between Germany and Russia during the years 1941-45. Turns are 6 minutes in length, hexes are 250 metres in size. Units are approximately platoon based( 3-5 tanks, or 3 squads ). You can command formations from battalion to corps in size. East Front is an action point based game. In order to move or fire, a unit must expend action points. Each unit starts a turn with 100 action points and uses them up as they move or fire. A unit must reserve or hold back sufficient action points if it is wished to have that unit oppurtunity fire during the enemy's phase. The game comes with 50 pre built scenarios and allows you to design your own games, or play various random battles and/or campaigns. In addition to playing against the computer, you can play hot seat against another person, or play 'live' against another opponent over the modem or the internet( with a tcp/ip connection ). PBEM with vcr playback is also available as a mode of play.
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