WAR, Inc. - PC

WAR, Inc.
Game Description:Real-time strategy game. Set in the future, you take the role of the CEO of a company whose business is hiring out mercenaries. As a result, the game incorporates business-sim elements alongside the main mission-based strategy game. You can choose to invest in stocks and even take over other companies. Research and development of new technologies/unit types plays an important part in the game and you'll need to fund this, as well as deciding in which areas to concentrate the efforts of your scientists. A large variety of units types can be developed. Your mercenaries come in three varieties and you decide the number and type of men to be on each mission. It is possible to send personnel for special training in order to gain new skills. Missions are conducted on a landscape viewed from overhead. You command your forces and the interface and menu systems are effective. The game's graphics are adequate, although they are clearly surpassed by more recent games.
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