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Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower
Game Description:Assume the identity of super-sleuth Nancy Drew as she unravels the mysterious happenings inside a castle full of riddles and rumors. Pick up the thread of a long-forgotten secret in this intriguing 3-D interactive mystery by solving baffling puzzles, searching sealed-off rooms, interviewing evasive suspects, and sidestepping snowy danger on the hunt for a secret that someone else is desperate to discover first. The Case: Nancy's ski vacation in an old castle has been interrupted by a fierce blizzard! Snowbound inside the castle, Nancy learns of an elaborate plot devised by Marie Antoinette over 200 years ago to hide a royal treasure. Nancy begins to uncover the rich history of the lodge, and some mysterious events, all leading to the hidden treasure. When Nancy is around, there is much more to the story than first appears!
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