Shogo: Mobile Armor Division - PC

Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
Game Description:Shogo: Mobile Armor Division is an action shooter title from Monolith. The viewpoint can be switched between first and third-person perspectives. Shogo places the player either on foot or in giant mech but unlike other mech titles this mech can really move and the action is fast-paced. Taking the role of Sanjuro the player must defeat the mighty Gabriel and in turn bring on the demise of The Fallen, who have claimed home to the planet known as Cronus. Fight the enemy on foot with knives, machine guns, assault rifles, and more. Take on the enemy in your mech with a whole new host of weapons such as the laser rifle, pulse rifle, and sniper rifle. Shogo is powered by the LithTech 3D engine by Monolith.
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