Soldiers At War - PC

Soldiers At War
Game Description:Turn-based strategy game set during WW2. You control eight-men squads through a campaign of fifteen challenging, historically-based battle missions. There is also a selection of stand-alone levels and a comprehensive scenario editor that adds considerable replayability value to the game. The multi-player mode allows up to four people to participate in competitive games via LAN or on-line. You select your squad from a group of 32 men, each with their own skills profile and you must equip them to suit each mission. The game's control system is effective and in-mission you control your men using the mouse and have some 40 different commands at your disposal. The game is played on over-head viewed maps with 3D terrain. You can remove layers of terrain in order to keep close track of the action. The game's graphics are effective, despite the age of the game.
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