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The Settlers III
Game Description:Control the full cycle of your civilization's evolution, from the initial planning and building of its infrastructure, to the full-blooded conflict of race against race in the quest to expand your power and domination in this strategy title. Before you start conquering your neighbors, however, you’ll first need to create a sustainable economy from the interdependent activities of agriculture, industry and trading. The Settlers III contains three different campaigns: Roman, Egyptian, and Asian. Just like in the preceding games, the goal is to build up an economy. In The Settlers III, however, the player can choose the races he wants to use. Depending on the god they're adoring, the people have different characteristics and skills, and either they’re good at construction or at developing strategies.
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The Settlers III Cheats

  • Change view

    Push F1 for a zoomed in, F2 for a standard, or F3 for a zoomed out view.

    Code: Push F1, F2, or F3

  • Faster building

    After pausing the game, by pushing the key, then immediately push F12 again to resume.

    Code: F12

  • Get faster battles

    Continuously right click while fighting to keep your warriors in swordplay and your archers firing.