Civilization II: Multiplayer Gold Edition - PC

Civilization II: Multiplayer Gold Edition
Game Description:For gamers unfamiliar with Civilization II, it is a turn-based strategy game where you attempt to lead your people to success by either conquering the world or being the first civilization to have your spaceship reach another planet. You begin the game in 4000 BC with a group of settlers and knowledge of a few early scientific advancements. Civilization II allows you to found cities and manage them through a variety of ways. Contact with other civilizations opens up the game a great deal by allowing alliances to be formed, the trading of advancements and the beginning of conflicts that can lead to war. In Civilization II Multiplayer Gold Edition, players receive the award-winning, classic Civilization II and two add-ons: Conflicts In Civilization and Civ II Fantastic Worlds. Combined with the multiplayer features, the Gold Edition creates the ultimate challenge and the ultimate value in strategic gaming.
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