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Game Description:Perhaps the best way to look at DRIV3R is by calling it what it is: a videogame take on a Hollywood car chase. Driver has always been about great car chases, superb physics and car crashes, and the third in the series is no different. Starring the series' quiet but rough, unsung hero, Tanner, the undercover cop once again takes a clever carjacking network. Building on ideas implemented in Driver 2, players once again get the chance to steal an enormous load of cars (in fact, all cars in the game are jackable), are able to drive more cars than before (including trucks and boats), and are once again able to step outside of their cars.
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DRIV3R Cheats

  • Ford GT-40-Miami

    Leave from your house in Miami and head off down the highway and take the turnoff just before Nastros warehouse and at the end of the road you will find The Ford GT-40