The Space Bar - PC

The Space Bar
Game Description:In The Space Bar, you’ll play Alias Node, a cop on a hardscrabble mining planet, Armpit VI. You are sent to The Thirsty Tentacle to track down a dangerous criminal who has made off with hot industrial secrets. Your mission: figure out which of the dozens of aliens in the bar is the thief, and arrest him/her/it before the next shuttle departure. One of your police skills is an interrogation technique called Empathy Telepathy (or emp-tel) which allows you to relive a suspect’s memory. These emp-tel flashbacks allow you to become 8 different aliens, visit their home planets, and experience those worlds through the wildly different senses and abilities of the various races. Each flashback is a game-within-a-game, with a self-contained story and set of puzzles. In addition, winning each flashback gives you a vital clue to solve the mystery back in The Thirsty Tentacle.
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