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Star Command Revolution
Game Description:Star Command Revolution is the ultimate, real-time space strategy game. You'll have to manage resources, build spacecrafts, learn new technologies, and most importantly, engage in real-time battles throughout the cosmos. As one of four races navigating through space, you must strategically utilize minor droids to harvest resources to build offensive and defensive spacecrafts, and universities to gain more advanced technology. Having created a powerful armada, you can explore new areas of space while battling hostile forces, defeating interstellar bosses, gaining new technologies and freeing other races bound in slavery by evil cosmic warlords. The game features more controllable units than any other real-time strategy game and network/modem support for up to 4 players.
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Star Command Revolution Cheats

  • Hidden mothership

    Press at the credits screen. You will hear a sound if you have entered the code correctly.

    Code: [F4] [F4] [F1] [F10]