Star General - PC

Star General
Game Description:Star General is a turn-based space strategy game that is the successor to "Allied General" and "Fantasy General". The 2-level Combat System lets players fight among the stars and land on the planets below for ground-based combat. Engage in a variety of separate wars, each involving 2 of the 7 races. Each of the 7 unique races has its own specialized A.I. plus its own characteristic sound effects and graphics. Use the "diplomacy" feature to influence your relationship with neutral races, or disable it and war with everyone. Resource Management is your key to success. You must expand cities, and create factories, research centers, military complexes, and orbital stations. See the beauty of over 90 fully-rendered 3-D starships, hundreds of ground units and multiple planet types. The game uses the enhanced "Panzer General" game engine, greatly expanding features and gameplay potential.
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