Terracide - PC

Game Description:Terracide is an atmospheric true 3D sci-fi shooter encompassing exploration, frantic combat and even an element of puzzle-solving. Mutated ex-humans, having left Earth generations ago, are returning in their gigantic dropships to destroy their former home world. You are Earth?s only hope, flying a single vessel small enough to penetrate their defenses. Developed primarily for the new breed of 3D graphics cards, Terracide is a technological feast with card-specific effects such as translucency, distance fogging, full colored strobing lights, color-morphing and blending of lighting. But don?t think for a minute that graphics beat gameplay. With space-based and interior full 3D 360? flight and combat, over 20 lethal weapons, and awesome 16 player network capabilities, Terracide will keep you glued to your PC!
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