Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Cheats - PC

Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Genre:Action, Adventure
  • Developer: Konami
  • Release Date:Mar 27, 2003
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Blood and Gore, Partial Nudity, Violence)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:Konami's re-release of the popular Metal Gear Solid 2 title, on PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC, expands gameplay with added options, and features. The largest addition to gameplay are the over 200 fun and challenging VR missions split between four specific modes-- Sneaking mode, Weapon mode, First Person View mode, and Variety mode. In addition to VR missions, Alternative missions have also been included; allowing players to test their skills in Bomb Disposal mode, Photograph mode, Hold Up mode, and Elimination mode. Play as Solid Snake in the new Snake Tales missions, which incorporate everyone's favorite MGS character into five new action-packed stories.
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Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance Cheats

  • Metal Gear Solid 1 Snake

    Finish 100% of the VR missions as Snake, Pliskin, Tuxedo Snake, Raiden, Ninja Raiden, and Raiden X.

  • Ninja Raiden

    Finish 50% of the VR missions as Raiden to unlock Ninja Raiden in the VR Missions.

  • Casting theater option

    Finish Sons Of Liberty under any difficulty setting.

  • European Extreme difficulty

    Finish the game under the normal difficulty setting.

  • Alternate ending sequence

    Finish a Snake Tale to unlock the M9. Begin game play and use M9 to stun the Bosses instead of killing them to view an alternate ending sequence.

  • Boss survival mode

    Finish Sons Of Liberty under any difficulty setting.

  • Photograph mode

    Finish bomb disposal mode, hold up mode (alternative missions), and eliminate mode to unlock photograph mode in the VR Missions.

  • Raiden X

    Finish 100% of the VR missions as Raiden and Ninja Raiden.

  • Tuxedo Snake

    Finish 100% of the VR missions as Pliskin.

  • Pliskin

    Finish 50% of the VR missions as Snake.

  • Masked Snake

    When Emma is crossing the oil fence, look with your PSG-1 sniper rifle. Snake will have a green mask on his face.

  • Watch

    The second time you play the game, Raiden will not only wear sunglasses but when you pull out the SOCOM or any other gun, he will be wearing a watch on his left hand in first person view.

  • Costume and weapon bonuses

    Complete all of the Snake Tales twice. Complete 100% of all VR missions. Then, complete the entire game under any difficulty setting. Start a new game with the save file that was completed. You should now have access to Snake's Tuxedo and Metal Gear Solid costumes in the items list. The M4 and AK7 rifle will also be placed somewhere within the...

  • Avoiding alert mode

    When a patrolling guard sees you, run into a room where the screen goes black and tells you where you are. The game will not go into alert mode, evasion mode, or caution mode.

  • Bonus items for dog tags

    By collecting the following percentage of total dog tags per chapter on any difficulty level you will unlock the corresponding bonus.

  • Digital camera 1

    Finish the game. The digital camera will be available when a new game is started.

  • Plant Chapter Orange wig (grip gauge will not diminish)

    170 dog tags (70%)

  • Digital camera 2

    The digital camera is locate in Strut E Shell 1. Go to the bottom of the screen and locate the platform with three red lights on it. Climb up onto it and equip the Z.O.E. Box. When the conveyor stops, press [Action] to climb on. You will be taken to another room. Press [Action] again to get off and retrieve the Digital Camera. Exit the room in...

  • Tanker Chapter Unlimited ammunition bandanna

    46 dog tags (30%)

  • Emma and Snake's funny comments

    When Emma is walking on the oil fence and Snake is in his sniper position take your Directional Mic and point it at both of them.

  • Codec comments

    When playing as Raiden in the Plant chapter, go into strut C after the intermission sequence where Vamp kills the SEALS. Go into the women's bathroom, open a stall, and then go into first person view. Look at the toilet. This may require a few times attempts. Call the colonel and he and Rose will be mad at you and Rose will not let you save the...

  • More air and grip

    To make your O2 or GRIP gauge decrease slower, make sure you have full health. Use Rations to restore your health if needed.

  • Plant Chapter Blue wig (Oxygen gauge will not diminish)

    218 dog tags (90%)

  • Plant Chapter Unlimited ammunition wig

    73 dog tags (30%)

  • Plant Chapter Stealth apparatus

    121 dog tags (50%)

  • Sunglasses

    After completing the game two times, Snake and Raiden will be wearing sunglasses.

  • Get Hideo Kojima's dog tag

    Play the game on extreme mode. When you meet Snake in Arsenal Gear Ascending Colon to get your things back, knock him out. Unequip your weapon, drag him, and he will drop Hideo Kojima's dog tag.

  • Tanker Chapter Stealth apparatus

    76 dog tags (50%)