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Game Description:MADSpace is a 3D First Person Action game. The game consists of two parts. In the first part of the game, it is necessary for you to successfully carry out a battle in the close proximity to the enemy's huge spaceship. You fly to meet the aggressor's spaceship on a fixed trajectory- although you should shoot them from your on-board weapons. In the case that you don't succeed, all that you'll see, your spaceship, will be destroyed into tiny little pieces. After having successfully shooting the enemy you go inside the enemy's ship, where the second part of the game begins. During the second part, which is truly the main section of the game, it becomes obvious that it is 3D real time rendering - mazes, halls etc. As you have already guessed, these confusing mazes are not empty. Within there are battles against the crawling, walking and flying enemy brigade of the Krakins, who absolutely not peaceful although happily use weapons which are not of Earthly origin. In a word, the Krakins are not simply one race and their forms completely do not resemble one another. Furthermore they have the kind of appearance that it is initially impossible to understand if he has back is facing you or if he has already turned around and is ready to exert to all his mortal power on you.
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