Tsunami 2265 - PC

Tsunami 2265
Game Description:Tsunami 2265 you will dip you in one intriguing and winning story, rich of dramatic turn of events. The story is structured in a key game that finds a perfect mix between hectic and destructive shoot'em up sections and intriguing arcade phases. You will control one of the two main characters, Naoko Hikari and Neon Shima, and with the aid of their most powerful Mech, you will have to reveal the secret that hides behind E.L.EN.A., a mysterious source of energy of unimaginable and untamed power. The game extends itself for various levels with two different game modes: one of intriguing dynamic-adventure, the other full of manic shoot'em up sections. In those shoot'em sections in particular, the two characters will pilot massive mechs that every time will introduce new technical characteristics and various types of armament.
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