Space HoRSE - PC

Space HoRSE
Game Description:A great depression rages across the galaxy. All around, piracy is rampant - an honest buck is rarely made. Equipped with your life savings, you depart for an uncolonized planet in deep space, with the hopes of a fresh start and an honest living. However, you are not alone in your endeavors. You are part of a diverse, corporate-sponsored four-part team with a single mission: create a thriving, self-sufficient colony. The sponsor of your mission, Decoo Corporation, manufactures an automated utility robot called a Holistic Robotic Slave Engineer, or HoRSE for short. The HoRSE is your tool for harvesting the resources of your new planet. You will be required to harvest FOOD to survive, POWER for production, TITANIUM to build new HoRSEs, and ZIRCONIUM, an exotic stone that can be sold as a luxury item to the more fortunate beings in the galaxy.
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