Gene Wars - PC

Gene Wars
Game Description:Gene Wars takes a page from some fairly obscure sci-fi strategy games like SimLife and gives us a battlefield where organic life forms, not tanks and planes, will sway the day. It seems that four galactic races, one of which is us humans, made a terrible mess of the Galaxy during one of our wacky interstellar wars. Between nukes and bio weapons, we were in danger of wiping out all life on the planets around us--but luckily for everybody, the saucer people were watching and waiting to spank us when things got out of hand. As is standard in real-time gaming these days, Gene Wars consists of base building and combat. For an added twist, players can extend their will across a planet through the use of Specialists. These nutty volunteers come in four varieties: the Engineer, who builds your structures; the Geneticist, who studies new life forms so you may reproduce them, and also heals anything that lives; the Botanist, whose job it is to gather rare seeds and plant them again at your discretion; and the Ranger, who tends your living animals, encouraging them to fight, feed, or fool around (reproduce).
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