Fantasy General - PC

Fantasy General
Game Description:Fantasy General is the true heir to Panzer General. What makes this game so great is the pacing. Each campaign starts out easy and as you progress and conquer more land the game becomes more difficult, which is a great thing and makes learning the game a snap. There's also a turn limit imposed in each battle which makes the player try to achieve the victory objectives quickly, and makes for more exciting battle. This makes the player think and plan their moves carefully, in a true spirit of strategy gaming. Another great thing about this game is the enormous amount of units: there's close to 200 different units to play with. The game also features army management. Without careful management of your troops - such as researching new unit types, upgrading obsolete unites, etc.- it'll become impossible to win the game. The game also includes magic, a must in a fantasy strategy game. And although the magic system is not as good as in Heroes of Might & Magic or Master of Magic, it is still a good addition.
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