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Game Description:Developer Blizzard gives players a new perspective into the popular massively multiplayer Warcraft series with its new title, World of Warcraft. See the world of Azeroth like never before, exploring expansive 3D environments that range from mountains, to deserts, to forests and more. Create a custom character from one of the many classes and races in the Warcraft universe such as Humans, Night Elves, Orcs, Tauren, and Dwarves. Online multiplayer capabilities allow for thousands of players to quest together. Ever changing gameplay varies from month to month as new missions and items are constantly updated, adding to the countless hours of adventuring.
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World of Warcraft News

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  • 'World Of Warcraft' Cost $200 Million Since '04

    Since 2004, the MMO phenomenon that is World of Warcraft has generated over 10.4 million subscribers worldwide. The average WoW subscriber pays over $14.99 a month just to keep up with the daily (level and gear) grind. With one expansion already out, The Burning Crusade, and another one on the way this November 13 with Wrath of the Lich King,...

    Posted September 16, 2008| 7 Comments

    'World Of Warcraft' Cost $200 Million Since '04
  • 'Lich King' Coming Nov. 13

    Good news for all you Night Elves, Orcs and Trolls out there: "Wrath of the Lich King", the latest World of Warcraft expansion pack, has a street date. You'll be able to check it out on November 13th in North America, Europe, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Russia. The next day, the expansion hits in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore,...

    Posted September 15, 2008| 5 Comments

    'Lich King' Coming Nov. 13
  • 'WoW' PvP To PvE Server Transfer Enabled

    Hey World of Warcraft PVE oriented players, have you been hanging out with the "other" crowd lately? No, not felons, but PVP players who have nothing better to do than zerg Hillsbrad Foothills or gank n00bs at Stranglethorn Vale? In case you got tired of playing in a "care bear" server, Blizzard's allowing you to port to...

    Posted September 11, 2008| 10 Comments

    'WoW' PvP To PvE Server Transfer Enabled
  • Blizzard Plans Beyond 'Lich King'

    Blizzard said that they already have plans for future expansions of World of Warcraft even before the release of Wrath of the Lich King this fall, according to an interview with VG247. Lead designer Tom Chilton said: “We actually already have ideas on how we’re going to expand on that in the future,” Chilton told us when asked...

    Posted September 8, 2008| 11 Comments

    Blizzard Plans Beyond 'Lich King'
  • The MMO Report: Friday, September 5th

    Oh, what a week it's been. I swear, sometimes public figures make it so easy to ridicule them that it makes me feel like I'm slacking off. Anyway, that's beside the point. What's more important is "The Perfect Haiku Contest" we're running, and how you can enter to win 5,000 Zen, the in-game currency for Perfect World International,...

    Posted September 5, 2008| 5 Comments

    The MMO Report: Friday, September 5th
  • Tech News Countdown: August 29, 2008

    Welcome to the Tech News Countdown, hosted by Alison Haislip. Every Friday, Alison brings you the top 5 tech stories of the week so be sure to watch the show. Otherwise, she'll be sad and you don't want that, do you? This week Alison brings you the latest on the Department of Homeland Security's phone troubles, an update on Diebold's electronic...

    Posted August 29, 2008

    Tech News Countdown: August 29, 2008
  • The MMO Report: Thursday, August 28th

    During this week long Democratic love-fest in Colorado, you need a sharp punch in the mouth to remind you that the world isn't quite that sunny. That just so happens to be what Casey Schreiner does best. He'll slap that smile right off that smug face of yours, and you will love him for it. Don't resist, just embrace. It's much easier that...

    Posted August 28, 2008| 9 Comments

    The MMO Report: Thursday, August 28th
  • Regular Graphic Updates Keep 'WoW' Fresh

    During the Leipzig Gaming Conference, Tom Chilton, lead designer for the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion said that since regular, small updates to World of Warcraft's graphics have kept the game looking fresh, and he sees no reason for a complete graphics overhaul. "For us usability is a lot more important," said Chilton....

    Posted August 28, 2008| 15 Comments

    Regular Graphic Updates Keep 'WoW' Fresh
  • 'WoW' Getting Huge Update

    In preparation for upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack, World of Warcraft is getting a massive patch. Here's a sneak peak of some what will be changed in everyone's favorite MMO: New class spells and talents Stormwind Harbor Barbershops in capital cities Zeppelin towers outside of Orgrimmar and Tirisfal Glades ...

    Posted August 26, 2008| 8 Comments

    'WoW' Getting Huge Update
  • 'Lich King' Opening Cinematic At Leipzig

    Blizzard confirmed today that the opening cinematic of their newest expansion for World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King, will be shown at the Leipzig Gaming Conference on Thursday. At 1:00PM local time, attendees will be treated to the CG masterpiece before a Q&A session with some members of the cinematics team. We've got some members of...

    Posted August 18, 2008| 3 Comments

    'Lich King' Opening Cinematic At Leipzig
  • BlizzCon Sells Out Extremely Fast

    If you were hoping to snag a ticket to BlizzCon 2008, prepare to be disappointed. Tickets to the event sold out after only a few hours on the market. After technical difficulties forced Blizzard to delay the start of sales to yesterday morning, tickets were sold out in a few minutes. Late last night at 11PM EST, Blizzard put extra tickets on...

    Posted August 13, 2008| 6 Comments

    BlizzCon Sells Out Extremely Fast
  • 'WoW' Celebrates The Olympics In Game

    So the Olympic Games began in The People's Republic of China today, and in honor of this biannual event, Blizzard is giving out Olympic themed items to World of Warcraft players who engage in Battleground matches. Play though one match, stay through the entire duration of the battle, and you will be awarded with an Olympic branded Tabard for...

    Posted August 8, 2008| 6 Comments

    'WoW' Celebrates The Olympics In Game
  • 'World of Warcraft' Offers Exclusive Mount

    We've always considered MMO membership like ponzi scheme--it gorws exponentially, but the number of people interested inveitably reach a cieling--but Blizzard disagrees, and, in the interest of getting you to sign up your friends for PC MMO World of Warcraft, they're offering a free zebra! A zvera mount anyway. Here's how it works: For each...

    Posted August 6, 2008| 8 Comments

    'World of Warcraft' Offers Exclusive Mount
  • 'Warhammer Online' Launching September 18

    Since 2005, MMORPG adventurers have been anticipating Electronic Arts's promising take on the Warhammer universe. Now, the wait is over, as EA announced that Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning will be shipping this September 18. Mythic Entertainment founder Mark Jacobs said: "For the last three years, the entire team at Mythic has poured...

    Posted August 6, 2008| 13 Comments

    'Warhammer Online' Launching September 18
  • Blizzard To Track Achievments In New Games

    In a recent interview with MTV's Multiplayer blog, Lead Designer for World of Warcraft Jeff Kaplan revealed that eventually players will have a Blizzard Account that will track their achievements across WoW, Starcraft 2, and Diablo 3. WoW points earned through the game's new expansion will be added to the account holder's "Blizzard...

    Posted August 1, 2008| 2 Comments

    Blizzard To Track Achievments In New Games
  • The MMO Report: Friday, April 4th

    Posted: April 3, 2008

    8,710 Views | 05:00 | 3 Comments

  • The MMO Report: Friday, March 28th

    Posted: March 27, 2008

    7,574 Views | 07:35

  • The MMO Report: Friday, March 21st

    Posted: March 20, 2008

    7,531 Views | 07:10 | 1 Comment

  • The MMO Report: Friday, March 14th

    Posted: March 13, 2008

    6,683 Views | 06:59

  • World of Warcrack Outtakes

    Posted: March 11, 2008

    2,159 Views | 02:50 | 3 Comments


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