Road to India: Between Hell and Nirvana Cheats - PC

Road to India: Between Hell and Nirvana
Game Description:When Fred Reynolds left his fiancee at the airport, he thought that she would be visiting her relatives in New Delhi for a few weeks. He never expected her to be kidnapped by Thugs: Kali worshippers bent on human sacrifices and overthrow of the Indian government. He must now make his way in a foreign land to find her and stop the evil cult before it is too late. "Road to India" is an adventure game which puts the player in the shoes of a young university student on his first visit to India. The story is puzzle-driven, delivering high quality cut-scenes as rewards for solving puzzles, making the player play for "one more hour" in order to see more of this beautiful game.
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Road to India: Between Hell and Nirvana Cheats

  • Alternate ending sequence

    Catch the small rat in the back streets of New Delhi, using a box, a stick, rope, and some bait. These items can be found near the rat. Assemble the items in your inventory to create a trap and place it in the ground in the alley. After catching the rat and placing it in your inventory, proceed with the rest of the game. At the end of the game,...