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X-COM: UFO Defense
Game Description:X-COM: UFO Defense holds a fond place in any true PC gamer's heart. This squad-based strategy title was awesome for so many reasons. It was incredibly in-depth for its time (even more so than most games today), its slowly unfolding storyline gave you the sense that you were up against overwhelming odds without ever being frustrating, and the individual battles -- in part because of the game's turn based engine -- served up a tension and suspense that we've experienced in no game since (there's nothing quite like the feeling of opening a door and seeing an alien just as your movement points run out). All this and the ability to rename all of your squad-mates as you real-life friends so you can cry (or laugh) when they get caught in a grenade blast makes X-COM a game that will live on in the annals of computer gaming history.
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X-COM: UFO Defense News

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