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Command & Conquer
Game Description:Real-time strategy game. The two sides are the evil Brotherhood of NOD (a criminal organization) and the Global Defense Initiative (a UN force). You get to play both sides and fight it out various scenarios. You must launch effective attacks on the enemy whilst protecting your bases. Resource management is an important element of the gameplay with the resource Tiberium being the most important. The game offers a selection of single-player missions and the multi-player option allows for up to four player to play via LAN or two people to play via modem/serial connection or on the same console. There are many unit types included, with unique unit-types for each side. Orders are issued to units using an easy-to-use menu system.
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Command & Conquer Cheats

  • Have heap construction

    Start constructing a building without enough money for completion. Push R to surrender before construction stops due to lack of money, but do not complete the surrender command. Wait a few minutes, then select the "Cancel" option. The structure will be half-completed. REMEMBER: This only works in versions earlier than v1.22p.

  • Minigunners

    Use this trick to sell the indicated buildings for free minigunners. For the GDI missions, sell a Guard Tower or Advanced Guard Tower. For the NOD missions, sell a SAM site or Obelisk Guard Tower (Obelisk of Light). First, select the "Sell" button in the Sidebar. Use the Left Mouse Button to sell the building. Use the Right Mouse Button to...

  • Protect units

    If you want to protect a certain units (for example, an ore truck) select a vehicle then press and hold CTRL + ALT then click on the unit you wish to protect. It will follow it around for protection.

  • Train free civilian

    Construct a silo, then sell it. one civilian will appear.

  • Controlling air units

    This hint works for both the GDI and NOD. To control air units in midair, simply give the helicopter a team number. This allows you to give multi strikes without reloading.

  • More Tiberium

    Build a "wall" around Tiberium when playing against the CPU. Make sure to also close up the entrances to your base. Then, press R to display the surrender option. Do not press anything else and wait for some length of time. Then, choose the "Cancel" option. The Tiberium amount should have increased on the map. REMEMBER: make sure the Tiberium is...

  • Funpark mode

    Begin your game with the c&c funpark command line with the NOD disc. Choose to a new game and select NOD. This will start the game in dinosaur mode. You will play three missions against the dinosaurs and then three other missions where you control the dinosaurs. REMEMBER: If you save your game, it will resume in the regular game and not in...

  • Wall tricks

    This trick requires a Construction Yard, a high enough tech level to at least build Sandbags, and decent amount of money (depending on where your base is located). Build Sandbags/Fences/Concrete Walls to close up entrances to your base. Make sure the walls are not too close to your base, because the enemy will just shoot over it. The enemy AI is...