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Robot Arena
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Robot Arena Cheats

  • $50,000

    Push while in the Bot Lab to get $50,000. But, if you have more money you will be relegated to $50,000.

    Code: SHIFT + 4

  • Get a better robot

    By going into EDIT ROBOT and slowly delete the name. Submit the code then push ENTER Your name will be replaced. You will have a switchblade under WEAPONS and also get the skulls and better wheels.

    Code: cheatbot

  • Easy money

    Use the "$50,000" code, then go to the Bot Lab. Make a robot with a flag and an ax on top. Go to custom challenge and battle Aquarius in a flag match. Bet $10,000 and begin the game. Go behind him and attack his flag. When you hit his flag with the ax you will win and gain $10,000.

  • Over limit bot

    To make your bot go over the limit, first buy the tiems you want, except armor. Do not go over the limit yet. Then, buy armor that will make you go over the limit.

  • Updated opponents

    Build up a lot of money before downloading the v1.0.0.3 patch, because the opponent robots will be supercharged. For example, Zombie now has two chain saws in the front and Urban Menace has new wheels and two knife blades that poke out in front of him. You will also have new robot opponents. Some of them include Topknot, an updated Gammaraze,...