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Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
Game Description:When we last saw our hero, he was dishing out smoking barrel justice to some well deserving alien bastards. Meanwhile, Duke Nukem?s archrival Proton has been working with elementary particles to develop a new radioactive power source. There?s one unfortunate side effect of this substance; it mutates living creatures that it comes into contact with, often with hideous results. After an entire subway car of rush-hour commuters is mutated into a pen of half-human, half-pigeon victims, the government decides to call in Duke Nukem to `take out the trash?, and stop Proton once and for all.Help Duke Nukem blast his way through New York City to stop Proton and his evil henchmen.
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Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project News

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  • Not A Joke: Duke Nukem Forever Was Going To Be Finished On April 1

    In perhaps the ultimate stroke of ironic genius, Duke Nukem Forever was supposed to have finished development by April 1, 2010, according to former 2K Games producer Jason Bergman. Bergman revealed the bit of trivia over Twitter. He's currently a senior producer at Bethesda Softworks, but claims 3D Realms and Take-Two Interactive (the parent...

    Posted April 1, 2010

    Not A Joke: Duke Nukem Forever Was Going To Be Finished On April 1
  • Duke Nukem: D-Day Teased, But Are We Being Tricked By A Clever Photoshop?

    Duke Nukem is rising from the dead...maybe. Gamers are fiercely debating the authenticity of a screen shot from from an apparently in-development Duke Nukem game reportedly called Duke Nukem: D-Day. It's unclear whether this is a brand-new game starring the mouthy action hero or a rebranded version of Duke Nukem Forever or the unrevealed...

    Posted November 30, 2009

    Duke Nukem: D-Day Teased, But Are We Being Tricked By A Clever Photoshop?
  • Gearbox Software Was (Is?) Developing Duke Begins

    It's hard to tell where Gearbox Software finds the time and resources to be developing so many projects simultaneously, but court documents examined by Shacknews have revealed Gearbox was the mysterious studio working on the unannounced Duke Begins, assumed to be a brand-new Duke Nukem shooter revealing the origins of the macho hero. No details...

    Posted July 14, 2009

    Gearbox Software Was (Is?) Developing Duke Begins
  • Sessler's Soapbox: Adam Says Good Riddance to 'Duke Nukem'

    Nostalgia can be a good thing. It can also cloud your judgment by allowing you to look into the past with rose-tinted glasses. I mean, have you played Goldeneye recently? It kinda sucks. Using that same logic, Adam takes some time out of his busy day to explain why he thinks that the cancellation of Duke Nukem Forever is a blessing in disguise....

    Posted May 13, 2009| 65 Comments

    Sessler's Soapbox: Adam Says Good Riddance to 'Duke Nukem'
  • Search For The Real-Life Duke Nukem Expands

    In light of the huge brouhaha and foofaraw concerning the closing of Duke Nukem Forever developers 3D Realms and the seeming cancellation of the long-awaited FPS, the following announcement can be seen as either humorous or sad, depending on your point-of-view, but Deep Silver and Apogee Games are desperately searching for a real life Duke...

    Posted May 13, 2009| 9 Comments

    Search For The Real-Life Duke Nukem Expands
  • Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Debut Trailer

    Posted: June 10, 2010

    5,789 Views | 01:17

  • The PAX 10: Project Aftermath

    Posted: August 29, 2008

    2,462 Views | 03:13


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