Diggles: The Myth of Fenris - PC

Diggles: The Myth of Fenris
Game Description:Godfather Odin has chosen the Diggles to set out on a long and burdensome expedition to the center of the earth where the hound of hell, Fenris, spreads terror. Fenris was once Odin's watchdog and ran away. Ever since he became aware of his growing power and strength he has been terrifying the underground world. Fenris must be disarmed and put on a chain. This task requires a very special chain, a chain that can only be forged by the Diggles. During their journey the Diggles will have to pass through 4 different worlds and more than 100 different quests have to be solved.The player will have to arrange a daily schedule for the dwarves by determining how much they work and what they do in their leisure time, teach them how to forge weapons, cook mushrooms, raise hamsters, produce tools and invent machines - all to prepare them for the battle against Fenris.
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