Ultima Online: Third Dawn - PC

Ultima Online: Third Dawn
Game Description:This new client for Ultima Online runs in 3D and thus all items, monsters, characters and terrain (with the exception of buildings) have been converted to 3D. Several new armors, like samurai and ninja, have been added, as well as four new weapons. The view continues to be isometric with movement limited to the eight directions. The interface has been redone, the centerpiece being a 3D paper doll of your character which mimics your actions and can be viewed from any direction. The new animation system has permitted the addition of specific animations and particle- based colorful effects to each spell. The new land, called Ilshenaur, is 10 percent larger than the Lost Lands of UO: The Second Age. You will only be able to adventure there, as the game does not increase housing. Third Dawn will enter beta testing in December 2000.
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