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Starship Titanic
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Starship Titanic Cheats

  • Get the blue chip

    Go to the room with the parrot and grab it. Feed it to the Succ-U-Bus. Go to the mother Succ-U-Bus and click on "Receive". She will sneeze out a guy with the blue chip to Titania's head.

  • Information about the characters

    To find out more about the creators of the ship and to find out what went wrong, summon the Bellbot and ask him "Who is Leovinus", "Who is Scraliontis", or "Who is Brobostigon". He will tell you about them and their role in the game.

  • Second Class upgrade

    In your room, then open up the bed ,desk, drawer, the "toilet drawer", but not the toilet and T.V. Click on your bed again and turn the channels until a screen appears with Marsinta's (desbot's) voice. After that, go to the sucking guy outside of your room. He will say that he has something for you and give you a magazine. Go directly to the...

  • First class upgrade

    Go to the well and enter the door that cannot be accessed in third class. There should be a group of glass sculptures here. Walk around them until you find a switch. The glass will break. The Desk Bot will now be in a good mood and will give you an upgrade.