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Emperor: Battle for Dune
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Emperor: Battle for Dune Cheats

  • Getting extra resources

    If you are running low on money, send a few units to search for wrecked vehicles such as Sandcrawlers, Harvesters, and Dune Buggies. Have your units destroy these. Each one you destroy will drop a crate that is worth $2000.

  • Attacking bases

    When attacking any base, destroy the Construction Yard, then destroy the Refinery. That will take out their money supply and there units. They cannot rebuild the two buildings because they are co-joined. If you destroy the Construction Yard the Factory will make a MCV that can rebuild it. If you destroy the Factory first, then the Construction...

  • Leeches

    When you pick up any enemy Tank with an Advanced Carryall, drop it next to Tleixau Leeches in your base. You will get a free Leech and you will not have to worry about the Leeches dying because your other forces will attack the enemy Tank.